Costs Budgeting Appeal - Henry V News Group Newspapers

30 January 2013   Since the Senior Costs Judge’s decision in Sylvia Henry v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2012] EWHC 90218 (Costs) we have been eagerly awaiting for the Court of Appeal to determine whether there was a good reason in this case to depart from the Appellant’s approved budget.  In Henry, Senior Costs J .....continue reading

Andrew Cleave Passes Costs Lawyer Examination

29 November 2011   The partners offer their congratulations to Andrew Cleave who successfully passed the Association of Costs Lawyers examination and will now be enrolled as a Costs Lawyer.  We are proud to say that all our costs consultants are now either qualified Costs Lawyers or Solicitors which allows us to provide an unrivalled high standard of service.

Lord Jacksons Review Of Civil Litigation Costs (part 3) - Proportionality

16 February 2010   In April 1999 the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) introduced the principle that costs payable by an opponent on the standard basis should be proportionate. But what is “proportionate” and what causes costs to become disproportionate?   Background The principle of proportionality is ensh .....continue reading

Nhs Redress Bill

16 May 2006   Examination of the planned NHS Redress Scheme has created a varied response with claimant solicitors raising concerns regarding access to justice and defendant lawyers concerned that the number of complaints will increase. The NHS Redress Bill was launched last November and in the 27 April 2006 edition of the Law Society Gazette the health minister, Jane Kennedy said the scheme would ensure &ldqu .....continue reading

Costs Estimates

25 April 2006   In an article that appeared in the 13 April 2006 edition of the Law Gazette, a leading costs expert warned that a clampdown on the accuracy of costs estimates is being driven from the senior judiciary downwards. Mark Harvey, a partner at Huge James in Cardiff, spoke at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers' annual conference. He said costs claims that are over one-fifth of a firms origi .....continue reading

The New Master Of The Rolls

25 April 2006   In an exclusive interview that appeared in the Law Gazette dated 21st April 2006, the new Master of The Rolls, Sir Anthony Clarke, speaks his opinions of the soaring litigation costs and the legal aid budget. Sir Anthony has had a high-flying judicial career since being appointed to the High Court Bench in 1993. He says "the most important issue that the civil justice system needs to worry about .....continue reading

Repayment Of Legal Aid

22 March 2006   The Legal Services Commission (LSC), which controls the £2 billion a year legal aid scheme, is now demanding hundreds of thousands of pounds from solicitors that relate to legal aid allegedly paid to them to fund cases that were never reimbursed when the cases were won.  The action taken by the LSC has angered both solicitors and the Law Society of England and Wales and at least one fi .....continue reading

Predictable Costs Regime

14 March 2006   An article appearing in the Law Gazette dated 9th March 2006 regarding the predictable costs regime is summarised as follows: Progress has been made to extend the predictable costs regime for small road traffic cases to similar employers’ and public liability cases following a high-level gathering of industry experts, including the Civil Justice Council (CJC), Court of Appeal judges, top so .....continue reading

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