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Costs Management

Goodwin Malatesta offers specialised cost management services with a focus on comprehensive support throughout the budgeting process.  Our expertise includes advising on cost budgeting and costs management procedures, ensuring clients meet all necessary requirements.  We assist in preparing detailed cost budgets, scrutinising and raising objections to opponents’ budgets to safeguard our clients’ financial interests and achieve their objectives.

During hearings, our skilled advocacy aims to maximise our clients’ cost budget positions, providing robust representation.  As part of our services, we offer to diligently monitor and report on cost budgets and prepare revisions as needed to reflect changing circumstances and maintain financial control.  Throughout the duration of a case, Goodwin Malatesta handle all cost budgeting issues, ensuring seamless management and resolution of any arising challenges. This end-to-end service ensures that our clients are well-positioned to manage litigation costs effectively, optimise financial outcomes, and achieve strategic objectives.

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