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Costs Recovery

Goodwin Malatesta excels in the prompt preparation of detailed and accurate bills of costs, ensuring precise documentation and compliance with legal rules and standards.  We also meticulously prepare statements of costs for summary assessments, providing clear and comprehensive summaries that facilitate efficient judicial review and maximise costs recovery.  Our expertise includes drafting precise replies to points of dispute, effectively countering challenges and safeguarding our clients’ financial interests.

In addition to drafting bills of costs and schedules, we conduct strategic negotiations, leveraging our in-depth knowledge to achieve favourable resolutions.  Our skilled advocacy at detailed assessment hearings further ensures robust representation, presenting well-prepared arguments to maximise cost recovery. This holistic approach covers every aspect of cost recovery, from initial preparation to final resolution, ensuring clients receive optimal financial outcomes and comprehensive support.  Our dedication to accuracy, strategy, and effective advocacy makes us a trusted partner in the costs recovery process.

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