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Opposing Claims for Costs

Goodwin Malatesta offers a comprehensive service opposing legal costs in civil litigation, providing expert advice on costs presented through both schedules of costs and bills of costs.  Our team precisely draft points of dispute, ensuring that any contested cost claims are effectively challenged and clearly articulated.  By conducting strategic and well-informed negotiations, we work to resolve cost issues in a manner that is favourable to our clients, aiming to optimise financial outcomes.

Our expertise extends to providing robust advocacy in detailed assessment hearings, where we represent our clients with confidence and precision.  This includes presenting well-prepared arguments and defending our clients’ positions to minimise costs liabilities. Goodwin Malatesta’s integrated approach ensures that all aspects of cost opposition are handled with diligence and professionalism, from initial consideration of the costs claim, advice and drafting points of dispute through to negotiation and advocacy. Our goal is to deliver optimal financial results while providing unwavering support throughout the cost assessment process.

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