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Goodwin Malatesta offers expert services in all areas of legal costs. These include the assessment of costs in Court of Protection cases, ensuring meticulous handling of costs payments in these sensitive cases.  We also specialise in the recovery of costs in criminal proceedings, leveraging our deep understanding of legal frameworks to secure favourable outcomes.  Additionally, we provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of legal costs, readily available via telephone and email to address any client queries promptly.

Our director, Malcolm Goodwin is an accredited costs lawyer and conducts informative seminars and training sessions, sharing his valuable insight and best practices in costs management.  These educational initiatives are designed to enhance our clients’ understanding and capabilities, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of legal costs.

Goodwin Malatesta’s commitment to excellence, accessibility, and education underscores our dedication to supporting our clients’ needs across all areas of legal cost control and management.

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